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Previous KEA Boxing Main Event nominated for Fight of the Year!

Previous KEA Boxing Main Event nominated for Fight of the Year!

Main Event from April 30, 2010 at the South Philly Arena (Asylum Arena) was nominated for 2010 Philly Fight of the Year!




April 30, 2010 - South Philly Arena
8 Round Main Event

Stakes: Bragging rights for the Philly's top crowd-pleaser

Records Going In:
Vasquez 11-4-0 / 5 KO; Fernandez 5-2-1 / 3 KO

Promoter: KEA Boxing Promotions (Andre Kut)

THE FIGHT: This fight was a glorious bloodbath. In the second round, the two shaven heads smashed together about a minute and a half into the round. Fernandez' dome was better placed and Vasquez backed away from the clash with blood streaming from above his left eye. The incident was accidental, but the result favored Fernandez greatly. For the remainder of the fight, the cut steadily streamed blood. It never stopped, not even between rounds. Even crack cut man Joey Eye, who usually waves his Q-tip like a magic wand, could not stop the bleeding this time, and Vasquez had to deal with the deficit all night. But it never stopped him from biting down and pressing forward. It was a no-frills slugfest. They stayed on the inside and threw punches. Both worked hard trying to establish the lead. After 8 rounds, each of the three officials saw something different, and the result was a split decision draw. Rematch talks have circulated ever since the final bell.

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