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Wild night at Schuetzen Park; main event fighter bolts from the ring moments before opening bell!

Wild night at Schuetzen Park; main event fighter bolts from the ring moments before opening bell!

North Bergen, NJ (July 28, 2013)
Written by: Kurt Wolfheimer

Saturday night at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen, New Jersey Andre Kutfs KEA Boxing Promotions returned with gFight Night at the Park 2 that featured knockouts upsets and a wild main event that never happened.


Undefeated welterweight Juan gThe Beasth Rodriguez (11-0, 5 KOs) was originally slated for the feature on the night, but his original opponent fell out due to injury from accidentally getting hit by an auto while bicycling. Veteran matchmaker Diana Rodriguez and promoter Andre Kut hit the phones, desperately seeking an opponent on short notice. Unfortunately, time ran out without a fighter willing to fight, that the commission would approve. Promoter Andre Kut knew the show must go on and moved up the six round heavyweight contest featuring the return of crowd favorite Patrick gPaddy Boyh Farrell (8-2-1, 4 KOs) against Phillip Triantafillo (2-3, 1 KO). That is when the fireworks officially began.

The weigh-in was delayed by two hours as the New Jersey State Athletic Commission representative got stuck in stand still traffic. All the fighters were together and the tensions began to rise. Farrell is working his way back to cruiserweight and a contracted weight limit was set on the original contract. Triantafillo was nowhere close to meeting the weight limit and threatened to pull out if he had to make any concessions, so Patrick Farrellfs camp agreed to fight as is. Both fighters stood toe-to-toe for photos and the trash talking began. Farrell said something to Triantafillo and Phillip turned away and wheeled off with a vicious slap that almost set off a melee between Farrellfs people and Triantafillo. Andre Kut and his son Alex Kut helped to separate the combatants and their people before any punches were thrown.

The action that happened that night seemed to spook Triantafillo who again threatened to pull out. The fighting continued overnight on the internet as Triantafillo and Farrellfs supporters exchanged barbs.

After a few more tense moments and some concessions, Philip Triantafillo agreed to fight.

KEA Boxing Promotions wanted the main event go on without another problem and filled the ring with security to keep any further incidents from happening that could stop the fight. Phillip Triantafillo looked concerned as he entered the ring while the pro-Farrell crowd booed. The crowd erupted in chants of gPaddy Boy!h as Farrell entered the squared circle. Both fighters were announced and referee waved the pugilists to their corners and was about to bring them to the center of the ring for last minute instructions. Triantafillo, when motioned from his corner, lost his composure, suddenly turned and left the ring.

The crowd began to shout insults at Triantafillo as he went towards his dressing room. Triantafillo, according to several sources then did another unspeakable thing and dropped his trunks, mooning the crowd, before going safely into the dressing room.

It was originally announced that Patrick Farrell was the winner by disqualification, however that was later ruled a non-fight since the opening bell never sounded.

The wild antics of the main event spoiled a nearly flawless performance by gDha Phenominalh Nydia Feliciano (7-4-3) as she captured the IWBF Bantamweight belt via a one sided ten round unanimous decision over heavy handed Cristal Hoy. Feliciano, a slick boxer, used great reflexes and footwork to snap short combinations and hard jabs while stepping in and out of the pocket in opening two rounds.

Hoy had trouble with the hand speed and movement. She knew her best chance was to take the fight to the inside. Feliciano surprisingly held her own with straight shots during the infighting. In the fourth, Feliciano buckled the knees of Hoy with a sharp right hand. Hoy would not go down and actually landed a hard couple counters to force Feliciano to let off the gas. Hoy had her moments in rounds five through seven, but Felicianofs defense was superb and many would not land clean.

Feliciano was now the aggressor in rounds eight and nine as Hoy took more punishment. Hoy knew her only chance for a victory was a knockout and went for broke in the tenth and final round. The talented Feliciano weathered the early storm and landed shot sharp combinations before the final bell sounded, sending the fight to the scorecards. All three judges saw the fight clearly in fight by scores 99-91 across the board.

gIt feels like a blessing to win the world title,h stated Fernandez. gIt was my motherfs birthday. My dad was here tonight for the first time and I had never met him before. I just felt so blessed.h

In a special six round welterweight contest, former New York Golden Gloves champion Anthony Gangemi (4-1, 3 KOs) of Mine Hill, New Jersey was dropped four times by Pittsburgh, PAfs Justin gBaby Boyh Johnson (6-4-4) on his way to his first loss as a professional. Gangemi was the aggressor right from the get go, but Johnson was slick and unleashed a huge counter right. It landed flush up, top sending Gangemi to the canvas. Gangemi rose to his feet and retreated, but was dropped again in the corner with another overhand right. Gangemi recovered quickly. Though Gangemi was game he would never find an answer for those heavy overhand round rights and was dropped again in the third and the sixth. All three judges saw the fight for Justin Johnson by scores of 57-54, 58-53 and 59-53.

Jersey City, New Jersey cruiserweight sensation Tyrell Wright (3-0, 2 KOs) as he stopped Eric George (0-4) in the third round of their scheduled for round contest. George came out banging away and caused some problems, but by the middle of round two, Wright had found his distance. Finally in the third, Wright hurt the tiring fighter from Niagara Falls, New York with a four punch combination. George tried to fight back, but Wright rocked him with an uppercut and continued to batter away with heavy shots, Referee Sammy Viruet had seen enough and called a halt to the contest at two minutes of the third round. It was the first time George had been stopped as a professional.

In a battle of debuting junior welterweights, Dion Richardson dropped Dwayne Holman, Jr. four times en-route to convincing 1st round TKO victory. The last knockdown came from a sharp left right combination up top and Holman fell sideways to the canvas. Referee Sammy Viruet waived the bout off at 2:15 of the opening round.

In the opening four round middleweight contest of the evening, Newark, New Jerseyfs Anthony gSweet Toothh Jones (4-0-1, 1 KO) overpowered Springfield, Missourifs Adrien Armstrong (3-3-1, 3 KOs), dropping him twice on his way to a second round stoppage. The last knockdown came from a big left-right combination up top. Referee Ricardo Vera had seen enough and waived of the bout at 1:23 of the second round.

Promoter Andre Kut would like to apologize to the fans for the antics of Triantafillo in the main event and hopes everyone enjoyed the rest of what was an exciting night of boxing.

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