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Triantafillo leaves ring before fight with Farrell as main event falls apart in New Jersey

Triantafillo leaves ring before fight with Farrell as main event falls apart in New Jersey

North Bergen, NJ (July 28, 2013)
Written by: Kyle Kinder-15Rounds

The Scheutzen Park Ballroom in North Bergen, New Jersey played host to many “firsts” on Saturday night — first professional fights; first wins; first losses; and, perhaps, a first in the history of boxing.

Well, if not in the history of boxing, at least it was something Harold Lederman has — and I quote — “NEVER!” seen.


The originally scheduled main event was supposed to feature Union City’s Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez vs. Massachusetts native Zack Ramsey. That all came undone when sometime last week Ramsey was hit by a motor vehicle while riding his bicycle. The NJ State Commission refused a few potential replacements, and all of the sudden the night’s scheduled main attraction shifted from a welterweight scrap to a heavyweight bout.

At Friday’s weigh-in, Jersey City firefighter Patrick “Paddy Boy” Farrell stood nose to nose with Chicago’s Phillip Triantafillo. It was all the normal pre-fight smack talk, until Triantafillo literally smacked Farrell across his face, prompting Farrell’s brother to interject and try to beat the living hell of Triantafillo.

So on Saturday when Triantafillo made the short and heavily escorted walk from the dressing room to the grand ballroom, the electric pro-Farrell crowd showered him with predictable boos and profanities. Paddy Boy, conversely, endured nothing but words of encouragement and roars of “Paddy! Paddy!” during his entrance to the ring. After introductions were read, but before gloves were touched, an extremely agitated Triantafillo forced his way past his cornerman, shuffled his 232 pound frame through the ropes and walked out of the ring. He simply LEFT and the fight was off. No explanation given.

As he made his way back toward the locker room to a chorus of “PUSSY! PUSSY!”, Triantafillo shot the Scheutzen Park crowd a Randy Moss style ‘moon’ — that is, he went through the motions, but his trunks (thankfully) never left his hips.

The ring announcer declared Farrell the winner by disqualification, but the Commission will likely have a different take. They’ll likely, and if so, correctly, rule that since the bell did not ring, the fight did not take place. Deputy Commissioner Sylvester Cuyler told me that the matter will be looked into and an official result would not be declared Saturday, but seemed to hint that this bout will be wiped off the books.

Now to the actual action between bells, which was brought to actualization by KEA Boxing …

Nydia Feliciano and Crystal Hoy squared off in a highly entertaining ten round battle for the IWBF bantamweight title.

Punches came one after another from bell to bell throughout all ten rounds, but unfortunately for Hoy, she found herself continually on the receiving end Feliciano’s fists.

Feliciano was smoother and slicker, smarter and quicker fighter. The Bronx native was best served throwing her jabs, landing a few straight rights, and moving her feet; get in and get out. But even when Hoy had it her way, and forced the fight to the inside, it was still Feliciano getting the better of her counterpart, at one point finding a home for four consecutive lefts while Hoy clung on to Feliciano’s torso.

In the end, all three judges, Pierre Benoist, Kason Cheeks, and Waleska Roldan scored the fight 99-91 for the new IWBF bantamweight champion, Nydia Feliciano (7-4).

The most shocking result of the night came when Justin “Baby Boy” Johnson scored a well-deserved unanimous decision victory over former New Jersey Golden Gloves champion Anthony Gangemi … ” The tone for this one was set early on in the first round when Johnson rocketed a right hand over an outstretched Gangemi jab and sent the 23 year-old flying backward to the mat. Gangemi recovered well and dominated the second round bell to bell, seeming to have turned the page. But in the third round, he once again found himself on the mat courtesy of a Johnson right. In the sixth and final round, Gangemi – sensing that he needed a knockout to win – started throwing a bit more recklessly, trying to catch Baby Boy. But Johnson exploited his opponent’s aggression and found an opening in Gangemi’s defense to send him down one last time. In the end, all three judges scored the bout in favor of Johnson — John McKaie seeing it 59-53, John Poturaj 58-53, and Eugene Grant 57-54. Johnson’s record now reads 6-4-1, while Gangemi’s previously unblemished record now stands at 4-1, 3 KO.

Jersey City heavyweight Tyrell Wright scored a TKO victory against a game, but still winless, Eric George of Niagra Falls. After two rounds of swinging wildly, and putting all his strength behind his punches, George found himself gassed in the third round. Wright, sensing this, turned up the heat and spent the entirety of the shortened round beating George like Rocky beat frozen meat. Referee Ricardo Vera called a halt to the action when George clumsily turned his back to Wright and stumbled toward a vacant corner. Wright moves to 3-0, 2 KO with the win.

In a battle where someone’s “O” had to go, with two fighters making their pro debuts, Newark’s Dion Richardson overpowered Montclair, New Jersey’s Dwayne Holman. Richardson sent Holman to the canvas four times in the first round — leaving referee Sammy Viruet little choice but the stop the fight.

Anthony Jones of Newark improved his undefeated record to 4-0, scoring his first TKO victory when he stopped Adrian Armstrong (3-3) in two rounds.

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